Sögreni bicycle Trouser-Strap

Tired of getting your trousers getting dirty or even trapped in the chain? This little fellow will take care of that. The strap is made of the finest rubber, and a clasp of lightweight aluminium. Just strap it on and ride off. The trouser-strap can also be used for securing small items on your normal

Price: €46.00
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Sögreni bicycle lock

The wire lock is made of stainless steel plastic-covered wire (6 mm), with ends made into loops using an aluminium or copper fitting. You need a powerful plier to cut this wire. Remember, that most theft of bicycles happens when people "borrow" a bicycle heading home from the pub. This is the answer. Put the

Price: €35.00
Sögreni bicycle lock was last modified: by NorthernMakers

Sögreni bicycle handles

From Sögreni Copenhagen... These handles are made from some of the best quality leathers available. The handles are nice to hold, are a little bit warmer for the hands than a piece of plastic and have a classy look to them. When you get these, you may encounter some difficulty mounting them, as the plastic

Price: €75.00
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Sögreni bicycle pedals

Why must pedals be so ugly? Normally, when you look at normal bicycle’s pedals, they are either all plastic, bound to fall to pieces, or made from poor quality steel, making them rusty and looking dull after just a few rides. The hand-crafted Sogreni pedal is made from solid steel, and your choice of aluminium,

Price: €107.00
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Sögreni bicycle lamps

The Sogreni lamps are handmade in the shop in Copenhagen, and consist of one white lamp for the front and one red lamp for the rear. Let the world (and fellow cyclists) see that you are out enjoying your bicycle at night-time, and do it in style. The lamps are easily fitted with the rubber

Price: €87.00
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Sögreni bicycle bell

This is the classic Sögreni bell from Copenhagen. It comes with fittings, and is very easily mounted. Please note, that your head tube should be between 26 and 28 mm - but most bicycle head tubes are of that size and diameter. The brass is the clearest sounding bell, the zinc is the most muted.

Price: €49.00
Sögreni bicycle bell was last modified: by NorthernMakers