Sogrenis design. Danish design, but put together exactly the way you want it. Hand-built in the centre of Copenhagen. Most bicycles and its parts these days are made in China, Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia. Nothing wrong with that, but we do believe that we devote a little more time and passion to each bicycle before shipping it off.

Here you get one of the most easily to ride bicycles, which hugs the big city’s sharp curves and will take you on longer trips outside the city limits. On a Sögreni bicycle you sit up straight. It gives you a more comfortable riding position, makes better use of your energy and gives a much better view than sitting with your nose down over the handlebars, bent in a way that squashes all your organs in the body – including your lungs, which will supply oxygen to the core and leg muscles that will propel you forward. After getting a Sögreni bicycle, you will not have to think much about repairs, rust or annoying stuff that doesn’t work. A Sögreni is built to withstand hard daily usage: we use high quality materials, check all welds and joints several times and finally, there is the Delta Treatment.

No rust, no worries. You get a bicycle that will last at least 25 years – if you just take a little care of it.